Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Whodini - Funky Beat
(RASCAL REVENGE's Vintage Edits)

Yesterday I was listening to old music-demos I
transferred digitally from DAT-Tape, inbetween
I stumbled upon this short Whodini-Edit. I can't
say for certain, but this MIDI-Edit I made most
probably 1992, with Atari ST, C-Lab Notator and
my E-mu E III (4MB) Stereo-Sampler, the delay
at the end is also the EIII, these days you had to
render this to a sample, so for making the delay-
repeats/feedback audible you needed a long sample
with digital silence (i.e. -96 dB) at the end, using the
samplers Digital Processing, tzz. I own the US 12"
of this, but for this Edit I sampled the track from my
Whodini - Greatest Hits CD (1990).

This goes not into my list of Editmixes, so just for fun.


Friday, March 8, 2013

Telefunken M5

Click for larger image                                                                                                  

Just saw this, liked the description Telefunken M5 Editmaschine ;-)
Now these are really build like a tank, guess you need 3 strong
men to move this, at least !

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Cover Girls - Still Miss You
(feat. RASCAL REVENGE Edits)

Made one night a few days back, finishing today.
Usual concept of one main edit, two mini-thingies
before that, also some re-arrangement cuts. 
Well that's it, check it out.