Friday, July 23, 2010

Rascal Revenge - Edits Are On My Mind

There it is, not my first computer-edit, as I do computer-
edits since the late eighties with Atari and my E-mu samplers.
So these are my first in-the-box PC-edits, made on one
afternoon September 2002. It's actually a bonus beat edit
of Sa-Fire's "Love Is On Her Mind", but I found it so special
that I want to stick with it going under "RR"-name.
Check it out.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Latin Rascals - On The Edge
(RR Bonus Fixmix)

All Edits, add. FX and re-arrangement by RASCAL REVENGE.
This I made April 2005, great track and the best from their 2. LP.
Great Edit-/production work not present on the record, with again
a little add. synth over the filtering. The female vocalbit I used here
is lend from a later "On The Edge" version by Tony Moran & Safire.
This is the Bonus Fixmix coming straight to the (edit) point ;-), I also
have the full song edited, but it's just the song playing along, then it
has the same editbreak as presented here, ok lacking this new
reverse-intro here also. ENJOY !


Shouts going out to Albert Cabrera & Tony Moran, formerly known
as the LATIN RASCALS. Thanks for all the timeless edits / productions, INCREDIBLE !!!