Sunday, November 1, 2009

Aby - In The Name Of Love
(Serious RR Edits)

Check out my latest:

Great tune from this Ex-TKA lead singer, now with
some serious in-yer-face RR-Edits !!! Must say I'm
very satisfied with this one, so what you're waiting for...


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P.S.: Special thanks to Melvin from Puerto Rico ;-)

When their servers are busy it may say only for premium members,
or all slots full for free downloads or similar bla bla, try later then,
it will appear.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When I see things like these.....

... I feel so old ;-)

Slicing, scratching, drumming, multitracking whatever... on a mobile
phone, amazing technology !!!

P.S.: For sure one come up with something less randomly, like presented in the vid.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Run DMC - Peter Piper (feat. RR Edits)

Here's one I made Dec. 2004, for a CD-project with edited
versions of known Hip Hop titles, that never happened.
At one part I changed the speech-rhythm, plus there's a
nice main panning-edit, this named edit sounded better
with that click left in (huh ?)
Aight, check it out:


mediafire password: edits

Thursday, October 1, 2009

DJ James Anthony
Multi-edit Megamix 2009

DJ James Anthony Multi-edit Megamix 2009

One hour, 94 songs, tons upon tons of multi edits.
You can either play it or download - Lo-Fi though.


A while back he did a kick ass Bonus Beat Edit for
Carlos Berrios vs. Sammy Zone (ADM Records),
available on

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first Edit-test (PC-only)

Hey there, here's my first test of PC-only Edits, with this
piece of Euro Hip-Pop:

C-Block - Time Is Tickin' Away (feat. RR Edits)

Once again this was part of another custom-made CD I did
for a friend. I made this in Summer 2002, guess some days
after I discovered that there were people out there doin' edits,
via the old website of Gerwin 'Evil Edit' Janssen (NL).
The edits were made with a program called Wavesurgeon.
What cool was that once you (precisely) cuttet out some
bars, you could lay variable note-length grids over the wave-
form. Although simple I still like the Edit in the break, starting
3:13 min. Again, goes not into my list of Editmixes, posting just
for fun, check it out.


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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five
It's Nasty (Intro-Edit by RR)

Now this goes not into my list of editmixes, but I thought
it's fun to post it, I still like it. I did record this for a friend
(as part of a custommade CD), and to have a lil' extra for
him I did an edit-intro, rest of song untouched.

I recorded this on my DAT-recorder in Nov. 1995, then
gave the tape to a shop, where a CD was made from, super-
expensive that was. Edit was made with my Atari STE, Notator
Logic, E-mu Systems E III Stereo-Sampler and a Boss SE-70
Effect-Unit (Ducking-Delay). Starting @ 0:28 min. you hear me
cutting/fading in the LP live, because I ran out of Sample-Ram. ;-)


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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Jessica Fabus - On My Own

Jessica Fabus - On My Own

Producer and Chief-Mastereditor Carlos "After Dark"
Berrios keeps on giving new Freestyle to the world.
A huge bunch of mixes to choose from @

Please support this with your purchase.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Omar Santana Crazy Edit Top 5

I took this from Freddy Fresh - The Rap Records (Sold Out)
You can still buy the Second Edition of this book:

Freddy Fresh recently made a mix for the Streetsounds -
Nu Electro Vol. 1 Compilation, feat. edits by

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chrissy I-Eece - You Should Know By Now
(RR's Edit Reprise)

(Click to enlarge)

Aight, here's my latest:

Chrissy I-Eece - You Should Know By Now
(Rascal Revenge's Edit Reprise)

Made from song-bits I liked best, no sing-sang verses which
I don't like, but the refrain. So neither the song with edits nor
a Bonus Beat Edit, so I file under experimentation, dig the edits,
especially the one at the end. I mean check it out for yourself:


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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Black Pearl - Don´t Turn Away (RR Beats)

(click pic to enlarge)

Hi there, a happy and healthy NEW YEAR 2009 !

Starting the year with:

Black Pearl - Don't Turn Away (RR Beats)

Sought after Freestyle record from Miami (1987), quite
expensive, last went for @ 150 $ on auction. I liked some
soundbits only, so I made this Bonus Beat Edit, I took the
freedom to make it @ 5 BPM slower then the song.
My favorite part the one with the sine weaved in
(sounds really cool). Otherwise conventional/oldschool
yeah, but yet classic ;-)

Thanks to Carlos "After Dark" Berrios for inspiration, hey
there's even a part that reminds to his Corina - "Out Of
Control" Dub. That's wanted, so take it as a little tribute
to him. Here is the original Black Pearl song:


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P.S.: Dedicated to my good friend Thomas who died
recently out of nowhere, I still can't believe it.
Regarding that watch out for a more dedicated
post soon, along with some tribute-edits from me.
He was a huge fan of edits/editors since the earliest
days, he even made some. I will include one of his
with that post then also, so stay tuned.

Rest in peace, Thomas !